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Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

We all have the “capacity” to better our lives and make a difference in the world. My passion is to help people find their passion and live it out through their business, personal lives and be healthy in body, mind and soul. We all need someone to coach us in many of these aspects to develop, organize and manage life and business.

With many years of business and life experience, I can help guide you into the life you need and desire. Through proven techniques and strategies, you to can become successful in any aspect of life!


Close the gap between where you are today –
and where you want to be.

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Meeting Mr Da Camara has been an eye opener for me in business. Through him I have learned fundamental business principles and ethics. He’s way of doing business is controversial and strategic. He’s level of foresight is outstanding, he is an amazing visionary and driven entrepreneur. Working with him for the past 4 years has been an absolute journey I would not change a single event in.

TJ Seatlholo, Tech Entrepreneur & Strategist

Meeting Carlo has definitely been a game changer for me. His perspective on things is so clear and she’s so knowledgeable that he taught me and showed me a totally new way to view myself and my own capabilities, and now I’m reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take me years.

Jeff Galbraith , CEO Galbraith Inovations

I met Carlo in 2017 and he completely changed my perspective and outlook towards business. He showed me that there are better and more efficient ways of doing business while also helping other people at the same time. He truly has a heart for helping people achieving more than they could ever imagine.

Bennie v.d. Berg

Meeting Carlo and becoming part of Honour Empire at the time when my finances were in turmoil has changed my life. He has given me the oppurtunity of financial freedom that I never thought possible, with his never say die attitude and complete faith in God he has brought me through some very tough times and is still striving for more. Carlo and his team has complete transparency and constant feedback on where they want to take your future financially. Carlo treats you like family and makes the time to find out what your financial needs are then he creates a profile that is unique to your needs. I will highly recommend getting in touch with Carlo, as I am confident that he will change your life financially as he has changed mine.


Carlo has been an intimate friend and spiritual companion to me for almost a decade now. He is a true son of God and blessed with anointing from the Holy Spirit. His success in understanding business vision, strategy and the calling for business owners to build enterprises founded on Kingdom principles is a rare quality. But, Carlo doesn’t only understand the true bigger picture. He has been grounded in the tough environment of wholesale and retail in the FMCG industry for many years and understands, personally, what it takes to forge and run a successful chain of retail stores. He has a complete understanding of the holistic business value chain. I can recommend Carlo to anyone wishing to leverage their business to greater heights as well as those wanting to start the journey.

Andre Jacobs

My husband of 21 years recently passed away. After the initial shock, I cried out: “Please God, help me find someone I can trust to help me figure all this out”. One week later, Carlo called me and asked me if I needed help to figure all these things out. My late husband and I had known Carlo for a while already. Carlo offered to be my coach. I knew this was from God and absolutely accepted. Financially I was going from two incomes to one, emotionally I was a wreck and physically I felt broken. Carlo helped me to realize that with the right mindset, by making the right investments and being consistent in my personal life I could get through this. My finances improved significantly and almost immediately, and I started to cope better, knowing that I did not have to stress about finances. I give thanks to God for Carlo. I thank Carlo for always answering the phone when I need help or reassurance. I honestly believe that Carlo has a gift and a heart from God for people, business, and finances. I trust Carlo 100% and so can you.


Carlo is full of energy and remains positive when many lose hope. “Stick to me and I will make you famous!” This is a famous saying I have heard Carlo saying so many times to people but it describes him best. A great businessman, always connecting people and businesses together. Wonderful when it comes to family and looking after the people he loves. An absolutely God fearing and loving man. He truly is an Anointed King of God. Taking time sharing Godly business principles and takes on the economy of this world with new ideas and strategy. He has a pure heart and all he wants to do is help God’s people and build God’s Kingdom. This man will change your way of thinking.


Meeting Carlo has changed my life in more ways than I never thought was possible. I met Carlos in 2015 and ever since then he has helped me understand ways of improving life and seeing the world differently. Through Carlo I have seen things happen in my life that I thought was just a mere dream, he helped me find myself spiritually which helped in my business career. He is very driven , ambitious and understanding. Trusting Carlo has been a great journey which I will continue to follow because it is really hard to find people that are genuine and real in life.

Luis Castro

I met Carlo at a property convention in Pretoria in October 2015. His vision and business acumen were apparent from the beginning. Over the years we shared business ideas, and worked together on multiple projects including, crypto currencies, silver & gold bullion, property, local and international business structures, and trusts.  In August 2020 we founded Honour Empire, where through his leadership, vision and passion for people have partnered with Business’s and Ministries to create God’s Kingdom economy. Carlo is a “Child of God” with strong family commitments. His entrepreneurial skills, strategic planning and work ethic is what separates him from his collogues. It is an Honour to serve with Carlo and his team to help as many people reach their financial dreams and goals.

Martin E Mester, CEO Olden Close investments (PTY) Ltd, Co-Founder Honour Empire, Director Mester Foundation

I have known Carlo my whole life and seem him at his highs and his lows but his faith and strength is what constantly inspires me. No matter what he faces, he is positive and looks for the answer even when it seems challenging. Carlo has been my best friend, confidant and mentor many times over the years and his passionate about people and helping those in need. He is always available and ensures he thinks carefully before giving a word. He is true to what he believes and inspires me daily.

Teresa Osan , England
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