In Carlo’s early twenties, God opened ministry opportunities within Africa. Here he grew in the evangelistic and prophetic field of ministry. This training allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal much to him, greatly increasing his understanding and insight of the spiritual dimension and realm. The Lord has given him a great passion to see His Kingdom established on earth, to co-labour with those appointed to build His Kingdom Economy and save as many souls as possible from the claws of hell. He feels called to, ‘Depopulate hell and populate Heaven’. In 2006 he had an open vision of hell. During this vision he was overwhelmed by the following words of the Lord: “Today I put My Words in your mouth and from today you will start to preach the Gospel.”  In 2008 the Lord mandated him to establish his first ministry. Backed by his wife Manuela, he was able to and continues to minister in various countries throughout the world. The Holy Spirit prompted him to establish a non-profit organisation called DC Revive Center, which feeds families every December for Christmas and New Year.

Carlo’s clear understanding of the significance of both business and ministry inspired him to share his knowledge with others.


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